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    Building leadership skills of Indian women social entrepreneurs


    This FULLY FUNDED program seeks to provide an inaugural class of 40 women social entrepreneurs across India with the leadership and management skills that will result in scaling their businesses. It will also facilitate the creation of a formal network, currently called the Indian Women Social Entrepreneurs Network (IWSEN), of which the first class will be the founding members. The IWSEN will help members support each other and build a community of women social entrepreneurs across India.


    Only 25 per cent of social enterprises in India are led by women. Women entrepreneurs are often subject to discrimination from their families, communities, and investors when compared to male peers. This issue is even more acute for women because social entrepreneurship can be stigmatized as being unprofitable.


    As a result, women-led social enterprises in India will benefit from the establishment of a formalized, cohesive network that would provide access to information, capital, mentorship, and other opportunities that are currently lacking in both social and commercial enterprises.

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    If you are selected into this program, you can look forward to the following:



    • Cutting-edge leadership development, training and mentorship from global experts in social enterprise and the future of work.


    Personal Support

    • Support in navigating the difficult stage in between start-up and scale-up, where the focus is on building your own leadership capacity to manage a growing venture but which neither incubators nor accelerators typically focus on.



    • A curated and safe space to invest in your own leadership development alongside peers.
    • Participation in a community of women social entrepreneurs that can support each other with networks, collaboration, business development, peer support, and more.

    Life-Long Learning

    • Discounts to continuous learning opportunities with Amani Institute

    • Access to ANDE (Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs) capacity development and networking events.



    • Broader access to the ANDE and Amani Institute networks of changemakers and leading organizations in social entrepreneurship across India, and beyond.

    Once selected into the program, you can look forward to 8 days of training split across 2 workshops in 2020 along with online coaching support and check-ins on progress.

    The second workshop will coincide with the official launch of the Indian Women Social Entrepreneur Network. In addition, there will be a host of activities related to building a community of support and strengthening peer relationships between participants.



    The program will consist of multiple touch-points, both online and offline, curated for the 40 women social entrepreneurs selected for this project.


    Broad themes include:

    • Leadership Skills – Focus on leading self, leading others and leading a business (all with the lens of a woman social entrepreneur).
    • Trends & Challenges in the emerging world of work and how to prepare for this.
    • Sustaining an authentic and collaborative network of women leaders across India.
    The program approach focuses on knowledge, tools and frameworks that can be immediately and practically applied. You will leave with the right combination of skills to thrive within the entrepreneurship ecosystem.


    Workshop 1 - Second half of May 2020

    Workshop 2 - Mid-November 2020


    Location - TBD

  • This program is fully funded!

    Travel and food costs will be partially funded as well.



    Organizational Criteria

    • Is your organization registered in India and/or targeting to have an impact in India? (Both for-profit and non-profit organizations are eligible to apply)

    • Is your organization working to improve the lives of marginalized or vulnerable populations in India?

    • Has your organization generated revenue (either grant/earned income/both) of 15 Lakhs in either 2018 or 2019?

    • Does your organization have a staff of at least 3 or more full-time members?

    Personal Criteria

    • Are you comfortable speaking and learning in English?

    • Are you working full-time in your organization?

    • Are you willing to share knowledge and support to other members of the IWSEN to collectively grow the impact of women social entrepreneurs in India?

    • Are you able to attend 2 training sessions of 4 days each between May and November 2020?

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    Did you answer YES to all of the above questions?


    Selection into the program will be based on the following 6 criteria:


    Depth of understanding of beneficiary population


    Impact achieved so far


    Sustainability strategy


    Commitment to contribute to the community of women social entrepreneurs in India


    Understanding how women social entrepreneurs in India can benefit from the program

  • Applications close on 15th February 2020

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  • The project is co-led by Amani Institute and the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE)

    With support from the U.S. Consulate General, Chennai